Meet The BHive? Partner Scivera

We believe that cooperation in the industry is essential when it comes to initiating change. Therefore, The BHive? partners with organizations and industry stakeholders with similar goals. Here, we would like to introduce our industry partner Scivera.

A New Demand For Transparency

As consumers are becoming more critical about the origin and impact of their clothes, they are demanding more supply chain transparency from their retailers. A rising concern over toxic chemicals and their impact on workers’ safety, health and the environment has resulted in a demand for more sustainable alternatives.

Leading companies have come to realize that basic regulatory compliance and screening against restricted substance lists (RSLs) do not meet the expectations of consumers and other stakeholders.

For a long time, sustainable chemistry achievement has been constrained by the lack of access to reliable information about textile chemicals. Products can receive certifications, confirming that they do not include chemicals from a restricted substance list. Yet, there is  often not enough information about the impact of those chemical products, that are still included in the formulations

About Scivera

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Scivera delivers chemical assessment and safer alternatives capacity via their software platform SciveraLENS? to the global textile supply chain.

The company is providing unprecedented insight to chemical suppliers, product manufacturers, and brands via SciveraLENS?. Companies receive scalable, secure, and efficient access to deep chemical toxicology knowledge. Through a subscription to SciveraLENS?, clients gain immediate access to Scivera’s Verified Chemical Hazard Assessments to score existing formulations and explore ways to improve sustainable chemistry aspects of their products.

Scivera and The BHive? joined forces

On the mission to help make the use of chemicals in the textile industry more transparent, safer and more sustainable, while protecting supplier confidential ingredient information, Scivera and The BHive? joined forces earlier this year.

GoBlu's chemical management tool The BHive? enables our clients to create and view a full inventory of their chemical products. Over 68.000 chemical products are in The BHive? data base - now also including those products screened, scored, and certified by Scivera. 

With the connection between The BHive? and SciveraLENS?, brands and manufacturers now have instant access to chemical products that have achieved a Screened Chemistry score and certificate from Scivera. 

Recently. Scivera has partnered with the Hohenstein Institute, which is also one of The BHive?'s industry associates. Scivera and Hohenstein are now supporting textile chemical companies under their Greener Chemistry Collaboration to add confidence and efficiency to the full spectrum of textile chemical certification requirements.

As more and more apparel and footwear brands recognize the need to go beyond basic restricted substance screening and certification for true understanding of product chemical characteristics, Scivera, The BHive?, and Hohenstein are already supporting that achievement.