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HONG KONG - Sustainability accelerator GoBlu International says its mobile chemical management app, The BHive, is now being used by 59 brands, retailers, chemical companies and other industry stakeholders.

Inspired by the Vivino wine app, which scans bottle labels to reveal what’s inside, the Bhive works in a similar way with chemicals – giving dyehouses a new tool to create accurate chemical inventories and helping brands to track compliance.

It instantly taps into an online database of 65,000 commercially available textile chemical formulations to find out if the substances comply with a range of industry standards and MRSLs.

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With recycled and sustainable materials gaining momentum, Brooke Roberts-Islam looks into the impact of toxic chemicals on the circularity in the fashion industry, as well as some of the new innovative solutions.

As the fashion industry pushes towards identifying and implementing sustainable material solutions, scalable recycling and circular design, there is one rarely addressed limiting factor that threatens its progress - the continued use of toxic chemicals. It is sometimes assumed that all textile waste is suitable for some form of recycling, but the reality is that if textiles contain toxic chemicals, their potential for safe recycling and circularity is at best restricted, and at worst impossible…

A company called GoBlu, whose co-founders have decades of experience working in the mass manufacturing sector, have created the BHive app that uses image recognition to cross-check photos of chemical container ingredients with the MRSL list to flag any restricted substances, reducing the need for chemical expertise and reducing the risk of human error. Currently, brands, manufacturers and chemical providers are using the app, along with certification providers including GOTS and Oeko-tex, so that certifications can be cross-checked at the same time…

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“As consumer expectations over transparency rise in line with growth in sustainability and climate change awareness, questions are being asked about the potential dangers of chemicals used to manufacture our clothing. The wellness and vegan movements have spurred increased scrutiny over the ingredients in food, beauty and skincare products, but what about the ingredients in apparel? Should we be able to choose our clothes based on their ingredients too?  

A myriad of chemicals is used in the dyeing and finishing processes that give our clothes properties like flame resistance and “wrinkle-free” smoothness. Chemistry may not be the most consumer-friendly subject, perhaps explaining the general avoidance of it by fashion marketing teams, however, the chemical management tool BHivewants ingredients lists on all our clothing for health and sustainability reasons, and they have a simple and effective app to underpin it…”

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We are excited to launch our new chemical management app – The BHive!

Our goal is a cleaner textile and apparel industry, where factories choose better chemicals, and brands easily see the full picture of chemical usage throughout their global supply chains. Join us to accelerate this shift with The BHive.

We are humbled by the support of our partners including brands/retailers, chemical companies and standard holders. Thank you for your continuous support!

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