Meet GoBlu International Ltd. client S?DRA

GoBlu International Ltd. is the sustainability accelerator for apparel and textiles companies, providing brand-level, supply chain-level, and communications services to clients around the globe. The Swedish forest industry group S?dra is one of GoBlu's valued clients. Learn more about the company in this special newsletter edition.

About S?DRA

As pressure on the world’s resources increases, the textile industry needs to move towards a more circular model and S?dra believes it can help.

S?dra is a Swedish forest industry group dedicated to finding sustainable solutions that can help turn the future green. The company has an inherent advantage when it comes to sustainability because it is made up of some 53,000 forest owners in southern Sweden. And it’s wood from their forests which supplies the renewable, recyclable material to make S?dra's products. Now the company has teamed its knowledge of the forest with pioneering technology to produce OnceMore?, an innovative new material which combines used textiles with sustainably-produced dissolving woodpulp (it’s a world-first actually).

OnceMore? hits new milestone: 20% recycled content

S?dra started by mixing 3% recycled textiles with its own cellulose-based dissolving pulp. Now, S?dra can make OnceMore? with up to 20% recycled textiles, but the ambition is to increase the recycled content to 50%. The company is following its roadmap, to increase capacity to 25,000 tonnes of textile waste that can be added to pulp production by 2024.

OnceMore? is produced at S?dra’s technically-renowned M?rrum pulp mill, where the technology itself was developed. Sustainability and environmental protection are at the heart of operations here, from the wood that is grown from seedlings in S?dra's nurseries to the surplus green energy from its' processes sold to the grid.

Shaking up Fashion

“We’ve been delighted but not surprised by the interest OnceMore? has generated to date”, says S?dra Cell Bioproducts' Vice President, Johannes Bogren. “This is a significant step towards more sustainable solutions for the textile industry, and it could really shake up the fashion world. I would urge anyone interested in moving fashion towards a greener future to get in touch and see how we can help.”

For more information on sustainability at S?dra, download the 2019 Sustainability Report

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