Meet The BHive? industry partner BAY CITY

On the mission to bring digitization, transparency and sustainability to the chemical management of the textile industry, The BHive? connects with organizations who share the same vision. As part of our special newsletter editions we would like to draw your attention to one of The BHive?'s industry associates. Down below you will find interesting insights into the work of BAY CITY.


BAY CITY was founded in 1975 and is today one of the most important pillars of the Schmidt Group in Norderstedt, close to Hamburg. As one of the leading service providers in Europe, the group of companies has a global network, covering almost every sector of the textile industry.

As a company, BAY CITY is aware of its extensive responsibility towards people and the environment. This is why BAY CITY has committed itself to an overall approach of sustainability.


BAY CITY's team of experts meets the requirements of a modern and future-oriented supply chain. With novel technologies of digitalization, such as 3D programs, they shorten development processes and are thus able to react to trends and market changes or even proactively participate in them.

In order to take a further step towards supply chain transparency and responsibility, BAY CITY has joined the "Grüner Knopf" ("Green Button“) the first government seal, which combines social and environmental requirements for the product AND for the company.

BAY CITY and The BHive?

(Mr. Suvro explains The BHive? app)

(Mr. Suvro explains The BHive? app)

For almost three years BAY CITY has been working very successfully with GoBlu International Ltd.'s global team of recognized experts in the field of chemical management and training. In the beginning, GoBlu has conducted training courses on various sustainability topics for BAY CITY's suppliers in group seminars and additionally in their production facilities.

The GoBlu experts and BAY CITY's local team have established close cooperation to provide long-term support within the supply chain. In fact, BAY CITY team leader in Bangladesh, Mr. Suvro, who is responsible for sustainability and chemical management, and his team continuously support The BHive? in its further development (read the GoBlu interview with Mr. Suvro here).

The next challenge is to introduce this systematic management tool to BAY CITY's supply chain partners in China. Here we have to engage all supply chain partners to achieve further successful integration of The BHive?.

BAY CITY's path towards full supply chain transparency


Full Supply Chain Transparency is one of BAY CITY's key challenges right now. The company wants to close the gap between its direct supplier network in terms of transparency and co-operation with other supply chain partners.

With colleagues from the IT department, BAY CITY is busy developing an online tool that connects supply chain partners and supports them to follow up their tasks and requirements. BAY CITY believes, that in the future even its indirect supply chain partners need to take over responsibility by monitoring and reviewing their internal processes.