Meet The BHive? industry partner KAPP-CHEMIE

We believe that cooperation in the industry is essential when it comes to initiating change. Therefore, The BHive? partners with organizations and industry stakeholders with similar goals. Here, we would like to introduce our industry partner KAPP-CHEMIE.

About KAPP-CHEMIE - a member of STOCKMEIER Group

KAPP-CHEMIE is a medium-sized company and part of the STOCKMEIER Group in Bielefeld with more than 1.800 employees in over 50 countries world-wide. Main focus is on the development, production and sale of special chemical products for the tissue and textile industry. Individual customer solutions complete the range they offer by the Services department.

In the textile sector, KAPP-CHEMIE offers a comprehensive portfolio of process and effect chemicals. A customer-specific service also includes tailored process engineering solutions for the best possible production process. KAPP-CHEMIE is an official bluesign? system partner and partner of ZDHC, Nordic Swan and GOTS as well.

KAPP-CHEMIE and The BHive?

KAPP-CHEMIE stands for the consistent safeguarding of sustainability throughout the entire production process along the textile chain. By this unique solution philosophy, they are able to guarantee a high level of work safety, best possible protection of the environment, saving of resources and less harmful impacts. Major goals within environmental protection measures are the reduction or even prevention of emissions, as well as the responsible and economic use of natural resources. The commitment to protect the environment is part of the self-image and remains an essential aspect of all actions an fits perfectly to the company’s philosophy: Improve the best – for 50 years now.

In line with this committment, KAPP-CHEMIE has been cooperating with GoBlu since 2019. KAPP-CHEMIE recognizes The BHive? as a great tool for all partners in the textile industry to manage their chemical inventories. It provides a quick and good overview of the compliance certificates and the safety of chemical products. It's great that modern solutions make it easier for everyone involved.

“We are convinced that the possibilities offered by the BHive? system will make a major contribution to transparency and thus also to the sustainable use of chemicals. In line with our motto ‘Improve the best’, we will continue to support GoBlu as best we can.”

KAPP-CHEMIE's fluorocarbon-free products and flame retardants

Behind the background of the restriction of fluorocarbon based C6 water repellents for textiles and other consumer goods in Europe and the apprehension that all fluorocarbon based water repellents will be banned in the future, KAPP-CHEMIE develops tailor-made customer-specific solutions of fluorocarbon free products beside their standard range. Products with different chemical bases are available. These fluorocarbon free products can also achieve an excellent water repellency on native and synthetic fabrics. Combined with a crosslinking agent, also a washing and dry cleaning resistance with a high grade of washes are possible.


KAPP-CHEMIE only offers halogen free flame retardants.

KAPP-CHEMIE has great and long experiences in so-called “fireblocker-systems”. A “fireblocker-system” consists mainly of the natural material graphite (expandable graphite) which is processed into a paste with further components. The principle is based on the fact that this paste expands at a certain temperature and thus suffocates the fire.

The paste is individually adapted to the customer requirements with different binders and thickeners. Very different areas of application are conceivable, e.g. breathable dot coatings for inlays in protective clothing are technically feasible. The system can be used in various industrial sectors, such as automobile, aircraft, buses or trains.
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