Meet The BHive? Partner the RUDOLF GROUP

We believe that cooperation in the industry is essential when it comes to initiating change. Therefore, The BHive? partners with organizations and industry stakeholders with similar goals. Here, we would like to introduce our industry partner the RUDOLF GROUP.


The RUDOLF GROUP is specialized in innovative and high-quality chemical products, predominantly textile auxiliaries, products for textile care as well as construction chemicals. 1.680 employees in 45 countries around the world guarantee logistical as well as technical service to the customers.

The combination of backwards integration, development know-how, exact knowledge of market requirements and thorough technical application expertise make RUDOLF GROUP an experienced and competent partner for the customers of the textile finishing industry, co-producers and many other industries. Quality Management and certification according to DIN ISO 9001:14001 go without saying.

RUDOLF GROUP offers products that comply with the OEKO-TEX? Standard 100 and GOTS, is partner of the ZDHC  Programme since 2019 and is a bluesign? system partner. In addition, as a member of the chemical industry, it lives the philosophy of the voluntary Responsible Care initiative, which stands for responsible action in the fields of environment, safety and health.

The RUDOLF GROUP and The BHive?

RUDOLF GROUP started the support and the collaboration with GoBlu and its The BHive? platform in 2018. Working globally hand in hand with our customers, the textile mills as well as brands and retailers the company is always committed to get a transparent chemical supply chain within the complex textile processes.

"We see the platform as a great tool to our customers in getting a quick and easy understanding of current certifications of our products. Platforms like this are a good starting point into a more sustainable and transparent future of the whole textile industry."

The fast-acting, all-in-one, highly durable antibacterial and antiviral solution for textiles: RUCO?-BAC AGP.

RUDOLF GROUP is thrilled to unveil the perfected antiviral features embedded in RUCO?-BAC AGP, the Company’s flagship antimicrobial product for textile applications.

As a consequence of COVID-19 global pandemic the demand for chemical auxiliaries with antimicrobial effect has boomed. RUDOLF GROUP invested important resources in the meticulous assessment of a new antiviral feature which is now added to one of their leading technologies.

Such an effort returned the surprisingly fast and most comprehensive antibacterial and antiviral textile finishing on the market: RUCO?-BAC AGP. The microstructures in RUCO?-BAC AGP trigger their powerful antibacterial and antiviral effects based on 3 distinctive inhibiting mechanisms.

“This year 2020 is being highly emotional and it’s leading to the widespread introduction of antimicrobials on textile and to a myriad of vague, misleading or unsubstantiated marketing claims. As a highly responsible company, we move cautiously and stand for technologies and practices that are effective, truthful and limit the exposure of apparel manufacturers, retailers and buyers to any risk.” - The management of RUDOLF GROUP