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“At Bestseller, we are working toward some ambitious sustainability goals over the next few years. For us to achieve these goals we need accurate data at our fingertips. We’ve found The BHive? to be just what we need. We’ve never before had this kind of transparency regarding our suppliers’ chemical use, and the best part is that it is so easy to understand. The BHive? is enabling us to realize the changes we want to see, and it’s been much simpler than we imagined.”

— Felicity Tapsell, Environmental Sustainability Manager, Bestseller AS

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“Increased speed and reduced workload are the major benefits we are already seeing from using The BHive? to implement our new MRSL. We see these benefits within our own business as well as on the supply chain side, and feedback from our supplier is really positive. Our aim is to roll The BHive? out to our global supply chain.”

— Ann-Karin Dahlberg, Corporate Sustainability Manager, Lindex

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"One thing we really value about The BHive? is how easy it is to use from a brand perspective, You can tell that it was created with user-friendliness in mind. The BHive? supports our due diligence approach by visualizing potential risks related to the use of hazardous chemicals and by easing the tracking of the progress made in phasing out such chemicals."

— Yvonne Swoboda, Team Leader Corporate Responsibility, Orsay

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“The BHive? App improved our work for our sustainability goals incredibly. For us it is especially important that the tool combines many relevant chemical certification and classification standards and is easy to handle for our supply chain partners due to the simple scanning method for chemicals.”

— Carolin Weidner, Social Compliance Coordinator, Daytex

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“Caring for the environment in our textile production regions is at the core of our sustainability activities. We are happy to cooperate with GoBlu to introduce The BHive? to our production facilities because we believe this tool is an efficient way of creating, maintaining and sharing chemical inventories with partners. For Deltex, this will ease the communication with our production facilities and serve as a safeguard measure for our products.”

— Regina Sophie Kallfelz, Team Lead Sustainabilty bei DELTEX Handelsgesellschaft mbH


Interview with Iqbal Kazy, Lindex: “Most of my factories give me the feedback that it reduces their workload for managing chemical inventory and collecting compliance certificates from the chemical manufacturers. This also help them to track to maintain the stock list.” Read the full interview here.

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Interview with Suvro Dev Saha, Environmental and Sustainable Production Manager, Global Apparel GmbH

“…the databank is one great part of The BHive? that pushes efficiency for both factories and brands. In my eyes, the biggest advantage is definitely the possibility to eliminate human errors, since the data is already in the system.” Read the full interview here.




“BHive is a great solution to the time-consuming process of creating chemical inventories. This simple tool brings the industry a step further into digitalization, making inventory creation simple and fast. Every factory should use BHive!” - Iris Fabrics Limited


“We at Multifabs are happy to be part of the BHive community. BHive has tremendously reduced the time we need to create a chemical inventory.  It also helps us ensure that we are complying with our clients’ environmental requirements—and our own. We see that BHive is saving us money and time, which allows us to focus on substitution and improving our overall chemical management system.” - Multibabs Limited


“In addition to the simple inventory creation, one thing we really appreciate about the BHive tool is how much information it gives us. At a glance we can see environmental data, chemical compliance status based on our partners’ requirements, and even GHS Hazard Statements and PPE requirements. This overview helps us to set goals and phase out our non-compliant chemicals much faster. We can recommend BHive to every facility in the wet processing sector.” – Taqwa Fabrics Limited, Lantabur Group


“Being part of the BHive community for us means easily sharing our performance with our clients. The BHive App lets us quickly and easily create a chemical inventory, and then the tool’s desktop platform allows us to connect our inventories to our clients’ account in only a few clicks. With BHive, communication with our clients became so much easier.” - Northern Corporation Limited

Industry Partners

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“OEKO-TEX? recognizes the importance of a tool like the BHive, where brands and producers can view and compare the safety of chemicals. This kind of transparency is paramount for creating a sustainable supply chain.”
— Jonathan Wehrli, Product Manager for ECO PASSPORT and ACP by OEKO-TEX?